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The Minimum Quantity under Wholesale is as below

Rings: 12 pcs / per design / Mix Color

Necklace Sets: 3 pcs /  per design / Mix Color

Bracelets: 3 pcs / per design / Mix Color

Pendants: 6 pcs / per design

Pendant Sets: 6 pcs / per design

Ear Rings: 6 pcs / per design

Accessories: 12 pcs / per design / per color


Terms & Conditions

1.Goods once sold will not be exchanged or taken back.

2.Confirmed orders will not be cancelled.

3.50% Deposit should be paid while order is confirmed.

4.We shall not be responsible for breakage, shortage or damage in transit.

5.All orders are subject to being accepted and confirmed by the company.

6.Taxes and other charges if any applicable will be extra.

7.Goods will supplied as per our stock availability.

8.Minimum order should be Rs.15,000/- or more.

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